Clustered Coatings

Protective wear resistant Clustered coatings are electrochemically deposited metal coatings, having a specific structure and properties. The latter are determined by the ability of cluster materials to significantly change the process of galvanic deposition of metals.

Such coatings have the structural fragments ultra-small size in the absence of long-range order. As a result, a clustered coating fully copies micro-relief of the coated object surface, which greatly increases the strength of adhesion of the coating to the base (the limit values ​​of shear and normal separation stress).

Technical characteristics of coatings

Clustered coatings are applied of electrolytes using the technology close to existing electroplating technologies; that is why they do not require significant additional contribution of assets.

Coatings may be applied to products of different sizes: from tools for microsurgery to large parts of machines and mechanisms.

In the process of applying clustered coatings hardened workpieces are not released.

The main technical and physical-mechanical properties of the clustered chromium coatings:

Properties Values
Grain size, mm less than 0,01
Content of carbon phase, % 0,05-0,5
Thickness, microns 0,5 - 500
Microhardness, GPa up to 14
Wear resistance (in comparison with chrome) 2 -4 times increased
Permissible heating temperature of coating, °С up to 1000

Areas of applicability

Metal processing industry (cutting tools, dies, fleece, molds, equipment for deep cold drawn steel);
Automotive (parts of the cylinder-piston group);
Medical industry (dental burs, surgical cutters, tools for microsurgery and ophthalmic surgery);
Powder metallurgy (molds);
The oil and gas industry (crowns for drilling equipment, parts of oil transfer pumps);
Production of plumbing tools (band saw blades, files, needle files, drills cutters);
Wood processing industry (circular and band saws);
Consumer goods (knives for meat grinders, razor blades, sewing needles);
Other areas of applicability include: molds for the production of plastic and rubber products; components of textile spinning machines, knives for cutting paper and cardboard, stocks and other parts for hydraulic cranes.

Technical efficiency

Wear resistance above the titanium nitride level;
Band saw blade that cuts glass;
Durability without loss of strength;
Improved corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance;
Low-temperature deposition process;
The possibility of replacing expensive hard alloys with cheap carbon steel.

Application of this type of coating in technics gave the following:
Increase of operational properties of pressing tool – replacement wear resistant chroming with clustered coatings allows to increase its service lifetime by 2 – 4 times; increase of cutting tools service lifetime:

Screw cutting tools
For steel with hardness 380 НВ by 2 — 2,5 times
For aluminum alloys by 2,1 times

Multiflute drills
For special steels by 3,2 times

For constructional steels by 1,5 —2,0 times
For titanium alloys by 2,1 times
For fiberglass by 3—3,5 times
Prismatic of rapid steel for
constructional steels by 3 times

Circular knives
For magnetic tape by 3,5 times

For power jigsaw by 10 times

Internal combustion - sport bikes internal-combustion engines wear is reduced from 0,2 mm for 3 hours to 0,05 mm for 24 hours.

Medical instrument extension of service life:

Dental burs - from 5 to 60 min.

Surgical burs - by 11 times – while maintaining the color of coating, despite frequent boiling.

The set of equipment consists of 12 ... 14 baths with modern small-sized powerful sources with programmable parameters. From the preparation of the product to washing after the coating – a complete closed cycle.