Delivery Information

We deliver our goods using one of the following companies.


  1. When ordering, the Purchaser shall be provided the exact cost of delivery of the goods to the address indicated by it.

  2. In the case of orders with delivery abroad, the Purchaser, upon receipt of confirmation, together with information on the total value of the order, including delivery costs, but excluding the cost of any additional customs duties, may choose one of two methods of payment:

    1. payment by bank transfer directly to the account of the Seller;

    2. electronic payment by bank transfer or by credit card using on-line payments supported.

After receipt of payment or information about its exact execution via the electronic payment system , the Seller shall provide the subject of the order via DHL to the address specified by the Purchaser.

4. The goods recipient - the Purchaser or a person authorized by it is obliged to check the status of the product packaging and the external status of the goods with special care.

5. Seller delivers goods to the following regions: USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.